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42nd Annual 7290 Traffic Net Picnic April 21, 2012
SPJST Lodge Hall #48
Beyersville (Taylor), TX

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Returning from a shopping spree
Irma Bomer, Gay Culver, Judy Wilkerson, Aris Young KB5RXS,  ?,  Donna Choate, & Evelyn Weinzirl.

 Calling the 7290 Net
Norman AD5EF,  Dan WB5YUZ, Rip K5KRW & Ron AE5VY
 Evelyn & Chuck N5ZAS & Alice and Jodie K8KP Kallina
Maybe a trailer next year??
 John N5AUS
WG Div V/Dir
 Lee W5LHC
S TX Sec Mgr
 Bill W5NPR
W TX Sec Mgr
 Tom N5TW
S TX Sec Em   Coord
 Sharon KC8EO Tx Traf Net Mgr
 Rodney W5DY
S TX Tra Mgr &Tx CW Traf Net
 Rodney W5DY, Tom N5TW, Sharon KC8EO, Jodie K8KP, Jo Ann KA5AZK, John N5AUS, Bill W5NPR, Lee W5LHC
Gary & Becky Meyers
Almost supper
Supper time
 Supper time
 But they don't do windows.....
Joann KB5CRV & Jean Feeney cleaning up water leak
 Rowan, Jude, Jo Ann KA5AZK & Mitchell KF5MNF
Charles WB5NGV presented  the Whitney Nugget 
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