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45th Annual 7290 Traffic Net Picnic May 30, 2015
SPJST Lodge Hall #48
Beyersville (Taylor), TX
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UFO spotted over lodge, no ice cream aboard sorry to say 
Bud W5KGF, Joann KB5CRV
and John W5BWC
Sharon KC8EO, granddaughter Katherine KF5KPN and great granddaughter Annabelle
L to R:  Louise K6FMZ, Sheryle, Nick KC5IMW, Doug NA5YO, Carroll KB5TCH and Donna
Bill KC5DFV and Larry N5QGD
Lunch aftermath
Kitchen of the Lodge
Jim N5FKW, Deroy AA5R, Sharon KC8EO and Annabelle
Dr. David K5RAV and Darryl WA5AAO
L to R: Aris KB5RXS, Lucky KA5SUR, Don KE5TUC and Jean KE5HOM
Cindy K5CSW and Frank K5PHB
Doing what Hams do best
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