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Information on technical Ham Radio related issues.  

David Woolweaver K5RAV - West Gulf Div. Dir.
John Stratton N5AUS- West Gulf Div. Vice Dir.

ARRL Sections

Lee H. Cooper W5LHC - STX Section Manager
Chris Brewer N5GMJ- NTX Section Manager
Bill Roberts W5NPR - WTX Section Manager
Lloyd Colston KC5FM- OK Section Manager
Jim Molan KD5IGG- LA Section Manager
Malcolm Keown  W5XX - MS Section Manager
Dale Bagley K0KY - MO Section Manager
Dale Temple W5RXU - AR Section Manager
Ron Cowan KB0DTI - KS Section Manager

For New Hams

To help new Hams with the hobbies unique gargon see these sites.  

License Renewal
Ham Bands

 Links to ARRL Traffic Handling Training are on the Training Page
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