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2020 Traffic Net Picnic Canceled

The Coronavirus has forced us to cancel this year's (2020) picnic. 
A date of October 2, 2021 has been set  for next year's picnic to be held at the same location in Rockdale.  All other arrangements remain the same
If you would like a refund on your BBQ reservation please email Jim W5IM and he will refund your reservation.  Other wise he will carry it over to the 2021 date.


Another Silent Key

We have lost another member of our Ham Radio family.  Dave KD5IZF of Mesquite has become a Silent Key.  His obituary is on the Silent Key page.


Silent Keys

Long time net members Ron N5TAA and Gary K5QOW  are now Silent Keys.  Their obituaries are now on the  Silent Key page.  


Two More Silent Keys

We have just been informed about another long time member of the Net becoming a Silent Key.  Rev. Duane Farris W5SHN became a SK on April 30, 2017.  Duane was very active in the 70's.  His obituary is on the SK Archives 2017.

Also, John Pierce W1JMP of Lumberson TX became a SK on September 3.  His obituary is on the SK page 


New Hams Help

To help new Hams learn the jargon unique to Ham Radio, a list of links has been added to the Link page.


Logo Patches & Window Decals  Available

The 7290 Traffic Net patches are now available. The cost and the selling price is $2.00 each. Details along with a picture of the actual patch can be seen here.  NEW -  also available now are window decals for car in the same design as the patches.  The cost for the decals is 2 for $1.00.  Click the here above for more info.


On the air Traffic Training


The response to the on the air training has been good so it will continue until further notice.  The training will be held on the first Wednesday and the following Saturday of each month at 9:30 and 12 noon.  The training material that will be followed is available on this site under training. 


Also on the Web Site

A new item to the Web Site is a list of first time check ins to the net and those that have been away for awhile.  See the QST page for the link.  Our thanks to our hard working Net Secretary, Alan N5MSE, for his work in putting this list together and the Net Controls for getting the calls to him.

About Us

The 7290 Traffic Net is an independent, public service traffic net operating on or about 7290 kHz, and has been in continuous operation since 1953, handling formal written traffic, informal messages and operating extended sessions during emergencies or special needs. All Amateur Radio Stations licensed to operate on this frequency are welcome to check in with or without traffic and are not required to take traffic in order to participate. 

Net Hours 

Monday - Saturday
10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

 Monday - Friday

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM(Central Times) 
No Nets on Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years day 

 20 - 2019 Net Officers

Manager    KA5AZK    Jo Ann Keith     

Asst. Mgr.   K5BMR    George Bobo       

Treasurer   W5IM        Jim Bomer           

Secretary    N5MSE    Alan Walraven      

Chaplain     N5QGD   Larry Altman  (Appointed)

From the Manager,
After much consideration and talking to the other officers, the  50th annual 7290 Traffic Net picnic will not be held this year.    This decision did not come easy, I know all of you enjoy our yearly get together, but for several reasons I believe this is the correct and most responsible decision.  This is the first time, that I am aware of,  that we have had to cancel the picnic.  Even though I realize everyone has the right to decide for themselves if they wanted to come,  I just couldn't stand it if anyone became ill after attending.  
We live in an unusual time now, I'm sure not many of us remember anything like this.   Let's hope and pray that they will find a vacine that will stop this virus just as they did for Polio.  
We will have the picnic next year.  I am looking forward to trying a new location, seeing all of you again  and a later date to avoid thunderstorms better.  The building is beautiful and in a park setting, which makes it more picnic like.   A new date for the 2021 picnic is set for  October 2, 2021 at the Rockdale location.   
Again, I am very sorry to have to do this but I do it with everyone's well being in mind.   So  see you next year.  
Jo Ann Keith KA5AZK

Welcome from the Manager

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all the wonderful people on the 7290 Traffic Net to welcome you to the net and the web page. The 7290 Traffic Net has been in continuous operation for over sixty years and as the name implies we are here to handle traffic to any location it’s legal to send it to. We also operate extra sessions during emergencies when needed, to help any way we can. But we are really more than just a traffic net. Our members become friends and family. For all of you that are new hams or just new to the net please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with or questions we can answer. I hope you enjoy looking around on this web site at all the information and links . The Net also has a once a year get-together where we have good fellowship and good food. Consider this your own personal invitation to attend. I hope that you will check in with us and feel free to contact me anytime for any questions or comments. 

73, Jo Ann Keith KA5AZK Net Manager  

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