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44th Annual 7290 Traffic Net Picnic May 31, 2014
SPJST Lodge Hall #48
Beyersville (Taylor), TX
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Norman AD5EF,
Flo WM6V
Tiffany,  Pete K5GM 
CAND Manager
Jean Feeney
John W1JMP & Joyce KF5MKI
Ray N5NAV,
Lucky KA5SUR
Ron WA5NQR, Rose AF5KG
Roger KD5OTH & Devyn
Web AA5NZ & Jean N5WWU, 
Sallie  AE5OM
Scott KF5ZRZ, Angie KF5ZXI & Mary 
Lee W5LHC, Angela KF5GFL and Paul KE5ZW
Cindy  K5CSW
Steve K6JT, Rodney W5DY and
Pete K5GM
Steve K6JT presenting the Pfeiffer Pfist Award to
Sam W5CU at HamCom in Plano June 14
Ron AE5VY and
David K5DNB
Eric W9GVW and his telescope  and picture of what can be seen with it.
No picture available from the picnic so this one was substituted, taken at a school event.
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