For those of us that use pencil and paper to take check ins while we are net control, here by popular demand is a Net Control check in log for you to use if you like.  You will notice a column for rechecks that doesn't interfere with the count since they are not counted twice.  If you have any suggestions or additions to the log please let me know.

Your Net Manager


The following is a suggested opening and closing preamble for net 
controls to read at the beginning and end of their net. 


7290 Traffic Net Preamble  


Ask if the frequency is in use and give your call sign.

Calling the 7290 Traffic Net.  This is                 (call),                 (name), in                       (location), Net Control for this                      (day) session.  This net meets Monday through Saturday, from 10 until 12 and Monday through Friday from 1 until 2 Central time as a public service.  All amateurs licensed to operate on this frequency are invited to participate.  This is a directed net, which means please do not transmit unless asked to do so by the Net Control. For emergencies, use double-break and identify and net control will stand by for your emergency.  If you list traffic and leave the net for any reason, please let Net Control know whether to hold or cancel your traffic.  


Do we have any emergency or priority traffic?

Do we have any mobile, low power or short time stations?

Do we have stations with traffic.

We will now take check-ins from stations with or without traffic, come with your call sign only.



 Net Closing


This is                     (call) closing this                   (day) session of the 7290 Traffic Net.  This net meets Monday through Saturday from 10 until 12 and Monday through Friday from 1 until 2 as a public service.  Thanks to all those that came and participated.  Please come back often. This is            (call) clear and turning the frequency back to normal amateur use.  






The 7290 Traffic Net Operating Procedure 
During Emergencies and Special Events


The 7290 Traffic Net operates under normal conditions 10 until 12 Monday through Saturday and 1 until 2 Monday through Friday Central time.  During emergencies and or special events the Net Manager will arrange for extended sessions to be called in addition to regular sessions.  The times for the the Net to be in session depends on the emergency and or special event, but generally should run as propagation permits.


The additional sessions should be called by the alternate net controls first and then regular net controls.  All regularly scheduled net controls should keep their sessions. All Net Controls should be regular 7290 Net members and be assigned by the Net Manager with times set by availability of the alternates and or regular Net Controls.  The net Manager should set up a schedule of Net Controls and let each Net Control know who their relief will be.  Net reports for each session should be sent as usual to the Net Secretary, after the emergency and or special event.


Net operation should take into account the emergency or special event.  If it is an emergency, special attention should be paid to standing by often for any emergency.  (Most of what the 7290 Traffic Net will handle during an emergency will be health and welfare traffic, with emergency traffic being handled on the 7285 Emergency Net.)  Chatter must be kept to a minimum and any traffic should be handled off frequency as much as possible.  To help keep an orderly net during bad band conditions, which is of utmost importance during an emergency, net control should appoint a station or stations, he or she has good copy on, to be relay stations.  Net Controls should make announcements often of other frequencies being used for emergency traffic.  Net Controls should keep a firm hand on the operation of the Net to insure a smooth operation.


The 7290 Traffic Net is an independent traffic net which means the hours of operation and procedure are set by the Net Manager, but should also work to help other nets as needed.  The 7290 Net should always be run by the Net Manager and it's members.


Example of Net hours:


  8  AM - 10 AM     Alternate Net Control

10  AM - 12 Noon    Regular Net Control

12  Noon - 1 PM      Alternate Net Control (Can be combined with regular PM session)

  1  PM -   2 PM     Regular Net Control

  2  PM -   4 PM     Alternate Net Control

  4  PM -   6 PM     Alternate Net Control




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