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Information on technical Ham Radio related issues.  

David Woolweaver K5RAV - West Gulf Div. Dir.
John Stratton N5AUS- West Gulf Div. Vice Dir.

ARRL Sections

Paul Gilbert KE5ZW - STX Section Manager
Jay Urish W5GM- NTX Section Manager
Dale Durham W5WI - WTX Section Manager
Kevin O'Dell N0IRW - OK Section Manager
John Robertson K5JMR - LA Section Manager
Malcolm Keown W5XX - MS Section Manager
Ceicil Higgins AC0HA - MO Section Manager
James Ferguson Jr. N5LKE - AR Section Manager
Ron Cowan KB0DTI - KS Section Manager

For New Hams

To help new Hams with the hobbies unique gargon see these sites.  

License Renewal
Ham Bands

Silent Key Submission Guidelines
(How to report a SK to ARRL)
 Links to ARRL Traffic Handling Training are on the Training Page
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