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Technical articles and info will be added to the web site on this page.  If you would like to contribute please send your information to Jo Ann KA5AZK or George K5BMR.  Information should be realated to Amateur Radio and may include articles or drawings, perferably in PDF format.

Grounding and Lightning Protection
by W5IM

University of Hawaii 40M NVIS Antenna

This work was done by Mike W. Burger AH7R and is on the University of Hawaii webstie.  Mike stated that "we in Hawaii need NVI desperately as our islands are spaced just wrong.  Too far for VHF in most cases and too close for HF first skip, even at E layer".  So he produced this excellent work on 40 meter NVIS antennas.  

University of Hawaii Back Up Power Batteries

Batteries in Fact and Fiction
Batteries, Cells,Chemistry, Math and Radios

A nice article on battery back-up and powering radio equipment.

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