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47th Annual 7290 Traffic Net Picnic May 27, 2017
SPJST Lodge Hall #48
Beyersville (Taylor), TX
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Maria KD5BJ, Dale KG5LAE and
Gary K5QOW
Cliff WB5DYA and Leonor KF5YTZ
Deroy AA5R, Eric W9GVW and Alan N5MSE
Douglas N4RZB and Deborah
Dr. Hal and Bill KC5DFV
Gary K5QOW, Carolyn, Linda Starnes , Ron N5TAA and Bill K5TTF
George KF5QEZ calling the 
7290 Traffic Net 
James N5OUJ
Jerry KF5KOE, Norman AD5EF and Phil W5NT
Jeanne K5JZX and BB K5GDH
Mike KA5HIA and Gale
Larry N5QGD
Phil W5NT and Doris Jo
Claudia and Chris NE5V
and Barry Taylor
Bill N5WFC, Jim N5FKW, Shiela Lotspeich and Gary KF5JEH
Vernie KD5BI and Ann
Vernie KD5BI, Phil W5NT, George KF5QEZ and Doris Jo  Fisher
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