52nd Annual 7290 Traffic Net Picnic Oct 28, 2023
SPJST Lodge Hall #48
Beyersville (Taylor), TX
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2020 Cancelled
Bob  W5EMC
Steve  KJ4ZOY
Kevin KD5KL SOC, Marci KA5IRA, Jo Ann KA5AZK
Darrell  WA5AAO
Gary WA5VAS, Ron KF5OMH, Gary  WA5FLV
SPJST Lodge Beryersville TX
Chet &  Amy KE5RFG

Thank you

Many, many thanks to all the members that made this year's picnic happen.


Alan N5MSE for having the idea of  a banner made commerating our 70 th anniversary and having the banner made.  Also for all the special door prizes and his support.


Jim W5IM for taking care of our funds and making sure we had them.  Also for his support  and putting up with my dumb questions.


Steve KG5VK N TX Section manager and John N5AUS W Gulf Division Dir for presenting the Net with a beautiful plaque commerating our 70th year as a Net.
Special Thanks to Steve KG5VK and Zogail KB5KBE for the extra effort to attend.


Stewart  KF5NIX & Leslie  for making the effort to attend  from South Texas.


Roy WA5YZD & Kevin KD5KL for presenting SOC info and for coming.


Gary WA5VAS for making the very unique name plates which was his idea.


Gary WA5FLV for taking pictures of our group without being asked to take them.


Alan N5MSE and Gary WA5VAS  for calling the Saturday net from the Lodge.


Jeff  KC5EWI  for his help putting up the antenna for calling the Saturday Net.


John W5BWC for also taking pictures and for his help putting this page together.


For all those that  brought breakfast items and deserts.


All the folks that helped with the clean up.  Thanks for making that happen in record 


And finally to all those members that attended and those that came from a long distance to help make our 70th anniversary special.


As you can see it took a lot of people and effort to make this a special year.  Again many thanks to all of you.


My many thanks to all of you
Jo Ann KA5AZK  Manager
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